Saturday, 29 June 2013

Allo Darlin' Compass North

And so to the St Pancras Old Church in drizzly rain and not the best of spirits for the third leg of Allo Darlin's experimental quartet of live shows.
Up first were Haiku Salut , and I must say that they were as perfectly mesmerising as always. I never fail to be amazed at how three people can combine with such varied instrumentation to create such a beautiful sound. The upcoming 'lamp show' gig in London has all the hallmarks of being an absolutely wonderful night and I can't recommend enough that everyone everywhere should go out of their respective ways to catch it.

Allo Darlin' still continue to astonish and amaze me! This was another intensely engaging show in a new environment for me (being both in a church and seated at all times) with slightly more inter song banter than we might have become accustomed to, but that only added to the nature of the unfolding experience. It also turns out that even when you have recently broken your own heart yet still somehow manage to find yourself sitting in extremely close proximity to a couple going for moves which should really only be attempted in private, it's still ultimately impossible to be anything other than happy at an Allo Darlin' gig!!

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