Friday, 14 June 2013

Allo Darlin' Compass West

I was lucky enough to make it to Allo Darlin's first London compass show at Ginglik in Shepherds Bush on Wednesday evening.
The somewhat highly anticipated night began with the beautiful noise of Flowers. I can't get enough of the dynamic of the band, just a beguiling in the moment thing to behold. Anyone who arrived late or serially arrives late just to catch the headliner is missing out on something important.
And then on to the main event as it were; I (and I have to assume others) am entirely transfixed whenever the band comes on stage, so having the chance to see them in such a tiny venue with a stage not much higher than the ground was dreamily  perfect!
In a set dominated by songs from an as yet unrecorded third album every moment seemed familiar but different and new with even the sprinkling of existing songs (if I can ridiculously call them that, after all the new ones do also exist) taking on yet another new dimension. It came as an absolute privilege to hear so many of the raw songs that might later come together to make a new album in what I see as their natural live environment. It must be said that the new songs are without doubt wonderful creations,  looking to be a continuation of the melancholy and upbeat which we have come to love, with only the occasional missed intro or ending belying the work in progress nature of the night. An unexpected three song encore tailored a perfect ending to a mesmerising sweaty night. Anyone attending the north, east and south legs of the micro tour are in for a treat.

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