Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Spook School Album Launch

Almost a week ago, on the 11th October to be precise, I had the good fortune to be at Henrys Cellar Bar in Edinburgh on the same night that The Spook School chose to release their debut album 'Dress Up' to the unsuspecting world at large.

Of course such an event requires assistance, which in this case came in two parts.
First up were Plastic Animals, an Edinburgh based (as far as I understand) feedback heavy, psychedelic tinged semi noise band who provided a fantastic start to the night and are now firmly on my list of bands to look out for again in the future!
Next came Martha, bringing their uniquely perfect blend of noise and awkwardness to convert the slightly further North. All that I can say is that they were fantastic as always. A couple of new songs (or at least ones which I hadn't heard before) appeared in the set which were certainly as strong as anything released so far. I simply can't believe that anyone could hear Martha and not immediately be converted to the cause.

And then to the main event of the evening (excluding actually buying the album of course). Quite simply, this was a gig to remember. As an advert for the album and showcase for the utterly wonderful songwriting & performing of The Spook School this would and will surely take some beating. Somehow I still manage to be taken aback by the intensity that the band maintain throughout their sets, and this night was no exception, with a quite electric atmosphere rapidly descending as the minutes passed. They even managed to find time to 'dress up' for the occasion in a variety of fantastically complicated outfits!
London should be on standby for part two of the release party if it knows what's good for it!!
tickets here

Also, even if you can't make the live dates buy the album, you most certainly need it.

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