Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lo-fi fuzzyness

Thought I would post about something that I find a little peculiar amongst my listening.
Now by and large I am a huge fan of all things fuzzy and lo-fi, and as it happens currently often American, although that isn't necessarily of tremendous importance. Right now I'm particularly enjoying Young & Old by Tennis which contains some real gems; My Better Self in particular is a beautiful, almost pensive song that has a strange ability to make me start daydreaming, while It All Feels the Same is a perfect opener and arguably a perfect introduction to Tennis, at least until I decide that Seafarer (From Cape Dory) is an even better introduction!
Since seeing them support Veronica Falls last year and then the Dum Dum Girls and La Sera this year I've become increasingly interested in Novella as well, who now have a pretty fantastic self titled ep out. The three girls (and guy drummer live, not sure if also on record) seem to have quietly created a sort of heavy rock tinged distortion filled drone fuzz sound that really needs to be experienced. You're   Not That Cool is currently getting a lot of plays, really cool guitar hook...listen to it now!

Anyway, back to the original point of things here. Over the last few years amongst everything else I have particularly liked the Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, Frankie Rose, La Sera Crystal Stilts and Blank Dogs, although I must say I'm not entirely convinced about the new Best Coast album at the moment. Also, Katy Goodman has a quite beautiful voice and almost magnetic attraction, and mesmerising tattoos in the flesh.
The peculiar element, which the eagle eared might have picked up on already, is that I've never been particular fan of the Vivian Girls. I certainly like Where Do You Run To (in fact I can hardly stop listening to a demo version from a Frankie Rose bonus disc) and have recently been listening to Dance (If You Wanna), Take It As It Comes, and Death from Share The Joy quite a lot, but still struggle a bit with the earlier albums for some reason. I often think that they should be exactly the type of thing that I like, and realise that a lot of what I listen to is very much influenced by them, or has had an influence on them so find the whole situation to be something of a mystery.

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