Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wire and so on

I've been going through a phase of listening to quite a lot of Wire recently. More particularly, and perhaps predictably, I should specify that the basis of said listening has been Pink Flag and Chairs Missing. In fact the latter is playing as I write. Marooned, Sand in My Joints, Being Sucked in Again, Heartbeat, Mercy, Outdoor Miner, I am the Fly, I feel Mysterious Today might well be the the strongest  run of songs on any album that I can think of right now, but then Outdoor Miner being one of my all time favourite songs might possibly make a huge contribution to that thought! Just an incredible mix of styles and emotion from one band in one album.
All this Wire listening has inevitably reminded me to listen to more Ace Bushy Striptease as well, which is never a bad thing. The key reason for this is an Oddbox promoted gig which I attended back in August featuring Cosines, Downdimes, Haiku Salut and Ace Bushy. The entire night was awesome as ever. Cosines, who I had previously seen at Indietracks a week or two earlier and now love, were particularly fantastic and need to release something (ideally at least some 7" vinyl) for me and no doubt plenty of others to start buying as soon as possible. If you haven't heard of them already start making up for it now! Actually, the same goes for Haiku Salut. An outrageously talented trio who absolutely need to be heard by anyone with a pulse.
Anyway, while watching Ace Bushy Striptease that night I was suddenly struck with the realisation that the sound in a couple of their live tracks reminded me in some ways of Wire. Later that same night  I came to realise that other people had been hit by the same thing. Now as far as I'm concerned this can only add to the already high regard in which I hold Ace Bushy. Ultimately (for anyone interested) if pushed I'd have to describe them as a modern day DIY noise pop / punk band, but that is frankly besides the point and almost certainly not of any great relevance. They already have a fair amount of stuff released and, I believe, are in the process of releasing a new album imminently. Certainly worth peeking in to Oddbox to check out releases and catching them live whenever the opportunity arises, which seems to be fairly regularly as far as I can tell!
While you're at it, get out and support all the DIY bands and labels that you enjoy, there's always fun to be had and you'll be helping out something tremendously important. After all, imagine how boring things would be without them...

So DIY, so perfect.

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