Monday, 30 July 2012

Gigs last week

Went out to see Frankie Rose on Thursday 26th at XOYO (London). I'd previously seen her do a short instore with the Outs a couple of years ago which was good, but didn't entirely know what to expect this time. It turned out to be a pretty fantastic performance. Her new band played the songs from the new album really tightly and also managed to add something new and a little different to the older stuff. Even the harmonies worked with just Frankie and her keyboard player (who's name I unfortunately don't know). It has to be said that Frankie herself has a terrific voice, particularly highlighted on 'pair of wings' which she sang beautifully even though there was some pretty heavy unintended feedback squeal coming off of something! Great gig and they only managed to blow one bass amp!! At least as good as the Dum Dum Girls as a live prospect.

Also went to Daytime Music at the Union Chapel on Saturday, which was a WIAIWYA show with the Leaf Library, Hong Kong in the 60's, and Pete Astor. It was a free show, although the Union Chapel do ask for a donation of a couple of pounds which frankly is very reasonable as far as I'm concerned.
The first two bands were a good mix of dreamy electronic and at times almost folky type things which was quite perfect for a Saturday afternoon. Both definitely worth looking out for for anyone who doesn't already know them. Pete Astor is simply a great singer songwriter who could most probably hold the attention of a crowd almost indefinitely! John Jervis of WIAIWYA must be the most friendly person in the history of the music industry and also happens to put out a huge amount of thoroughly fantastic music. No doubt more about that later...

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