Thursday, 26 July 2012

First Post

So this is my absolute first attempt at blogging!! I've been considering what the first post should be about, with various ideas coming in and out of favour throughout the morning...and then a 12" vinyl sized package with a WeePOP stamp arrived at my door. This could only be fate, so what better a place to start.
Just seeing the WeePOP stamp on a package puts me in a good mood which can only ever be added to by discovering the awesomeness within; in this case 'FIVE A WEEPOP COVERS COMPILATION'. While I've only heard one and a half sides of the red part of the double album so far (while writing this) I can safely say that anyone with any, even slight, interest in indie, pop, indiepop or frankly good music has to hear it as soon as possible. But then as far as I'm concerned the same goes for pretty much everything that the label releases, particularly when the lovely hand made 3" cds are involved.
So far extremely difficult to pick a favourite out as the quality just keeps on going.

In fact right now I would challenge anyone who finds themselves stressed about the heat, Olympics, traffic (vehicular rather than the band, unless they cause particular stress), holidays and so on to listen to any part of the compilation and not be immediately happy...even looking at the artwork and the blue and red vinyl should do the job if you don't have a record player to hand...

It has to be said that it's incredibly rare to find a 20+ track covers compilation which I can listen to in one sitting without skipping any tracks, but this is without doubt one in a very short list. Actually I can't think of any others right now which must say something about something.

Sunshine and sublime covers by superb bands. Now that's living:)

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