Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Veronica Falls & The Lovely Eggs

Two startlingly fantastic and very much different but also in some ways (or at least sort of one way to me at least) similar singles are about to be released by Veronica Falls and the Lovely Eggs.
I Just Want Someone To Fall In Love With is the Eggs at close to if not in fact at (which it may well be) their finest. All spectacular chugging rhythm with the occasional blast of noise to stop the likes of me getting too melancholy and lovelorn. The video also happens to be perfect.

Teenage on the other hand is arguably the most beautifully pretty, jangly, poignant song that I've heard in quite some time. I was sort of expecting Bury Me Alive (I think) to be the next single having heard it a couple of times live and liking it a lot but Teenage might be even better!

To say that I'm looking forward to the new albums from both bands would be quite a massive understatement!! As far as I'm aware the releases are;
Waiting For Something To Happen by Veronica Falls on 4th February in the UK and 12th February for USA.
Wildlife from the Lovely Eggs released 26th November.

It would also appear that they are playing separate shows on the same night in London for those who might be interested, that night being 22nd November and one of the shows being 'secret'.

I'll leave the ways in which the two songs are either different or similar to your imaginations...


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