Thursday, 22 November 2012

Female Singers

Listening to the radio this afternoon and hearing some Beth Orton I was struck by how much of a soft spot I have for some female singer songwriters, if that isn't too pointless and generic a genre. This didn't exactly come as groundbreaking news to me (I do broadly know what I like already after all, or at least you would imagine I do) but it does sometimes take hearing something unexpectedly to remind me! Perhaps I shouldn't have been entirely surprised as Rose Melberg's frankly beautiful Homemade Ship has been sneaking its way in to the cd player with alarming regularity this week, which has meant a somewhat large amount of Ramones live albums being played all the way through as a sort of counterbalance, but then they certainly knew their way around a tune as well, so perhaps not that different after all...
Anyway, alongside Homemade Ship (and in no particular order) Pearl, Gonna take a Miracle, Smell the Mitten, The Big Black and Blue, anything by Sandy Denny, and (as always) any faintly acousticy Allo Darlin' all need to be listened to. Each one is perfectly different while maintaining something that I'll always be drawn to, but that I'd struggle quite dramatically to explain. Suffice to say a certain happiness emanates from them which I at least find uplifting in a strange way.

On a semi related note, somehow circumstances have contrived against me again causing the missing of the Lovely Eggs tonight (for the second time this year. Strangely, the same seems to happen whenever I try to see Jack White!!) but they are playing at Rough Trade on Saturday afternoon so I'll just have to catch them and hopefully the new album then.

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