Sunday, 7 October 2012

Odd Box, Gigs, 7" Vinyl

I attended an entirely fantastic gig at the Wilmington Arms in London last night. It was an Odd Box show so it was to be expected that it would be good, but even by the standards already laid down the quality was pretty much unparalleled. The lineup was; Post, Wake the President, T.O.Y.S, Casual Sex, of which I had only really heard of T.O.Y.S before who I had also tried and failed to see several times over the last six months or so. I can now safely say that I am extremely pleased to have seen them and almost certainly will be again. They and Wake the President were arguably my personal highlights of the night. On the one hand a periodically somewhat moody modern post punk (maybe post post punk is the term...) tinged with bouncy bass and keyboards, and on the other awesomely funky jangly Glaswegian indie pop  that deserves an infinitely wider audience than it's probably destined to receive.

It always seems that if even parts of sets as good as these could somehow be transmitted onto sky tv or computers live on a Saturday night then more people would see what they're missing out on and support something exciting and different by actually going out to see it. Especially at £6 a ticket on the door (and less in advance online for those like me who worry that everything will sell out) I consider it close to impossible to believe that someone could attend and not find something they like and by extension not do anything other than enjoy themselves.

Being at the gig caused me to listen to a whole load of 7" singles this morning as well, which is always good and was doubly so this time as it reminded me to listen to Chips for the Poor much more often!
A triumphant return to the Wilmington Arms by Odd Box!

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