Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Finally got around to properly listening to Lido by Darren Hayman over the last few days. Although I've had it on vinyl for a while, a series of complications have meant that my record player has been somewhat out of action for almost the same period of time! Fortunately it is now back and in the same place as me. Anyway, I had heard parts of the album both on free download and when seeing Darren Hayman & the Long Parliament live and had been pleasantly surprised given the dread that instrumentals commonly inspire (I'm pretty sure that I can't think of a second genuinely good full length instrumental album, although perhaps someone can), and was as a result quite keen to see how Lido was as a whole.
I can now say that it is in reality a truly fantastic thing. As hard as it is to imagine I absolutely found myself transported to the world of the Lidos while listening to it the whole way through. Each piece seems to suit the different location in it's own way and tell a little imagined story about what might or might not have happened there over time, with the ones now closed seeming to incorporate that funny sense of loss without drifting in to being too sombre. Also, the drawings included in the notes are tremendous.
Certainly worth a listen or two as far as I'm concerned.

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