Thursday, 13 September 2012

Next Year

I suddenly realise that I'm at something of a loss as to what to do with myself now that Indietracks and End Of The Road have taken place and I've got to wait almost another year for them to come around again. And that apparent sense of loss doesn't even take into account the almost impossibly long wait before it's time to start thinking about earlybird tickets for the Oddbox Weekender, London Popfest and maybe even a day or two in Hyde Park. There quite certainly is, to me at least (obviously and perhaps unnecessarily I presume given that I am writing this) an essence which makes full camping type festivals, multi-day non camping sort of festivals, weekenders, alldayers a little extraordinary and almost always special. The opportunity to be entirely immersed in something that means so much to me might well have a baring on my feelings here. Just being somewhere (I suspect almost anywhere, I'm not sure that it matters although travelling a little can add something) with other people who clearly mostly feel the same way, and music playing constantly for whole days or longer has the ability to make me nothing but happy, and by extent makes me prone to sitting in a field / park / beer garden / terrace / campsite daydreaming about why life shouldn't be more like that particular pure moment much more often.
It would appear that the main reason for the specialness of these particular events to me is that they don't take place all that often. I would imagine that maybe after a much more regular year round bout of sort of festivalling some of the ignorable minor difficulties would begin to become exaggerated to such a point that they would ultimately detract from the otherwise perfection.
Not strictly sleeping for days at a time, expecting to see ten or so bands a day, watching films and attending workshops while also attempting to carry out full time jobs at the same time probably wouldn't work out tremendously successfully for most people after all!! Also, much more than three days would inevitably evolve any music event in to an entirely tiresome commune of some description which would in turn run the risk of ruining the music that I loved forever...
So for now it seems that I'll have to make do with really looking forward to individual gigs instead, which as it happens do seem to be back in full flow now that autumn is rapidly approaching. Allo Darlin', Tigercats & Martha later tonight immediately springs to mind partly due to the proximity, but mostly as a result of waiting for it to arrive since I bought my ticket what seems like a long long time ago. The same goes for the Lovely Eggs & Shrag together at the beginning of October which is certain to be a memorable night.
No doubt I'll stumble across plenty of new bands before next summer too, so will be getting excited about sort of mini festival season even more by the time it comes back. Then I'll be in my dream world all over least some of the time.

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