Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Allo Darlin', Perfection, Fortuna

Martha and Tender Trap have been on quite serious rotation over the last week or so, largely as a result of my having purchased both cds on Thursday at the previously mentioned Allo Darlin' gig. Which was spectacularly good and a huge amount of fun. Martha should be allowed to support everyone just so that all gigs can get off to an incredible start. Awesome pop punk (for want of a better term) without any of the generic flat spots which seem to plague so many otherwise interesting bands.
Tigercats still appear to be getting better and better every time I see them which is quite a feat when one considers how good they already are! Anyone who hasn't heard of them should have and everyone who has should see them live.
I'm still perpetually amazed by how perfect Allo Darlin' are. It is entirely impossible to not be drawn in to the world of their songs while watching them live. Even with slight amp issues (which I didn't really notice) the set was as flawless as always but also, somehow, completely different to the other times I've seen them. The band live seems to be so organic that a different crowd, venue and no doubt imperceptible changes between the individuals makes for an ever-changing feeling, and a good excuse for me to keep on seeing them! I just hope there'll be another London date announced before the end of the year...

Tender Trap clearly weren't playing at the gig (I believe they're playing on the 28th in London) but I did buy the album and have to say that so far it's pretty fantastic. 
It also has to be said that Fortuna Pop is a truly astounding label. Arguably the most consistently high quality releases around at the moment. I'd be surprised to be disappointed by anything bearing their mark.

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