Thursday, 16 January 2014

Winter Sprinter 3…The Volume Rises

Judging by the sheer number of people packing the venue from the very start, and the apparent size of the guest list, it can only be deduced that this must have been the most eagerly anticipated of the four nights.
Flowers were first up and were undoubtedly as beautiful sounding as always. A new dimension to their sound seems to develop every time that they play, even while it appears that it couldn't possibly be improved! Every song holds the attention of the crowd and I can't be alone in hoping that a debut album is recorded before too long.

Something special is always needed to follow Flowers and this time it came in the form of September Girls (I believe hailing from Dublin) taking the stage. It must immediately be said that (in the opinion of this blog at the very least) no-one can possibly argue with hearing a loud, moody girl band in a hot, packed venue!! Their sound seems to have really moved forward in the last year or so to become much more exciting and all enveloping. It was difficult to be certain of the cause, be it venue, sound mixing, or more likely a deliberate move, but the overall sound seemed much clearer than it has previously been. Either way, they are a fantastic looking band creating a wonderful lo-fi, retro-ish modern onslaught with perfectly crafted songs.

And then just in case any more excitement and chaos was called for the time for Joanna Gruesome was upon the Lexington. The confidence and fluidity of the band members, which must surely have come from playing a large number of (in some cases fairly high profile) gigs over the last 12 - 18 months, has developed them into a phenomenal unit playing an astonishingly powerful brand of what drifts from a very loud 'indie' type sound to an almost hardcore or punk type of thing. The transformation from seeing them play first on the bill at the same time last year is simply a revelation.
Interestingly (or possibly not) the set came in relatively short for a headliner at around 30 minutes or so, but anyone who sees them play is unlikely to forget about in a hurry!!

Anyone who hasn't done so already should purchase Weird Sister by Joanna Gruesome and Cursing the Sea by September Girls as soon as possible.

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