Wednesday, 6 March 2013

London Popfest

I spent part of last weekend (Saturday and Sunday having sadly missed the Friday) attending London Popfest, an annual multi day indiepop extravaganza created and curated by Fortuna Pop!Spiral Scratch, and WIAIWYA.
The Saturday lineup was; Big Wave, the Tuts,  the Garlands, Martha, September Girls, This Many Boyfriends, Speedmarket Avenue, Standard Fare, and it must be said that all in all it was an utterly fantastic all dayer. 
On a personal level I was tremendously happy and ultimately excited to see a couple of noisier than usual bands on the bill, almost drifting closer to a slightly darker punky or arguably indie rock type of sound. Perhaps the subconscious influence of Odd Box records is reaching a wider audience than I'd realised... The Tuts, who I have to love if for no other reason than their Clash cover, This Many Boyfriends (who had been supporting Kaiser Chiefs at Brixton Academy the previous night) and Martha in particular who I absolutely have to see much more often, played raucously engaging sets full of sing alongs, some pretty wild dancing and even the occasional mini moshpit!! Quite something for what was at times both the middle of the day and a fairly largely hungover crowd!
Finally seeing Big Wave again was absolutely worth arriving early for. They were just as good as I had hoped that I remembered them being last year, quite probably better in fact considering that I'm now a little more familiar with a couple of their songs. Just a beautiful constantly evolving dreamy pop  sound. Slightly later in the day the fuzzy retro look noise of September Girls suited the day perfectly and simply must be heard by everyone, and seen if only to witness the power of so many perfect fringes on stage at the same time!!
Ultimately though, and wonderful as the entire lineup was, the day must be considered to a degree as a quite lovely send off  for Standard Fare. Everyone in the sold out, and therefore jam packed and sweaty, 100 Club were as into the set as it's possible to be, singing every word, bouncing away, being melancholy and generally loving every second left with a truly original and perfect band. So many great songs and such a perfect end to the night and sadly to the band. There will certainly be an extremely large gap in the indiepop schedules now that they are no more. 
An unbelievably great day, so many happy people... One line seems to have stayed with me though...'I want to tell you how I feel but I don't want you to know'. 

More on the Sunday later.

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