Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fortuna Pop! Winter Sprinter 2

And so to the start of the second day with any cobwebs being firmly blasted off by Joanna Gruesome opening proceedings. Loud, fast, manic, (mostly I believe) Welsh punk pop of the finest order. I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more of their music, both live and hopefully recorded in the not too distant future. A quite perfect start...or should that be continuation...
Up next came an acoustic set from Withered Hand, which I am given to believe was quite different to the usual full band experience. I have to admit to having not seen the band live before so stand corrected if I am mistaken on this! Simply, I can only say that I loved the acoustic performance; All intensely beautiful heartfelt songs played on just guitar and harmonica. The only addition to this format came in the guise of the wonderful Pamela Berry from Black Tambourine who joined on co-vocals for a couple of songs, adding an even closer feeling of intimacy than had already been the case. Throughout the set it almost seemed that the Lexington had been transformed into a dark, dingy cafe, which must mean something! Ultimately it was and is impossible not to like the man and the music.
Herman Dune frankly rocks, and I certainly didn't go to the Winter Sprinter expecting to say that!! Supreme country and folk tinged guitar songs played to perfection by David and NĂ©man. Such apparent simplicity combined with a peculiar authenticity adding up to an excellent set that kept me, and presumably everyone else so gripped that it came as something of a surprise when it was time for the last song of the set and indeed the night. That this last song, played as an encore, turned out to be a cover of Pale Blue Eyes by the Velvet Underground / Lou Reed only added to the extraordinary, almost unbelievable quality of the night and previous day.

Once again, more to come just as soon as I get around to writing it...and continuing a theme, could it be possible for the third night to maintain the outrageous quality already witnessed?

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